UUML Severka (FSX P3D)


Severka - private airfield, sports airfield and airfield GA.

Located in the Kolomna district of Moscow region,73 km from Moscow or 53 km from UUDD Domodedovo Airport. The airfield is used for deployment and execution of flights by aircraft of general aviation (GA), experimental and sport aviation. At the airfield do festivals aviation enthusiasts. And there were frequent AVSIM gatherings. Airfield can accept small planes, helicopters and business jets.

This airfield have big history for General Aviation and AVSIM Community in Russia. The Severka has been realisticly recreated based on many references from the real airfield. There are more custom-made and hand-placed Autogen-objects covering over 250km of high-resolution satelite imagery (30-60cm/pix). In addition there are many high-resolution textures.

You may fly low over ground, visit the final approach or go to discover the coverage zone. You may fly on small airplanes or bussines jets, helicopters or sports airplanes. This scenery offers everything in an extraordinary level of detail.


  • Ultra-detailed rendition of UUML "Severka" Airfield
  • Fully custom modelled airport
  • Airport building textures created from onsite photography of the actual buildings
  • Incredible Hand crafted 2 cm/pixel ground poly
  • Complete coverage of over 250km with high resolution satellite imagery (30-60cm/pix) included Accurate Elevation Mesh
  • Custom realistic trees and 3d grass with seasonal variations
  • Hand placed over 2.5+ millions custom autogen vegetation and buildings
  • Numerous points of interest; "Sugar" Mountain, Voskresensk Bridge, Some Mine and many more!
  • Hand placed more landmarks: powerlines, bridges and buildings.
  • Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and unique night-lighting techniques used for maximum realism
  • Unique static aircraft and auto models, animated fishes in water pool
  • Highly optimized for good performance
  • BONUS: Helipad (HA4D) 6 km on South from airfield
  • Designed to blend seamlessly and full Compatible with ORBX:FTX GLOBAL BASE, FTX VECTOR and FTX OpenLC Europe.

Developed by Andrey Kravtsov, Max Kaptelkin




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